Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The One Stop Shop

And what is the website?

The one Stop Shop -


Website Review

This site has to be unique. It is based on the owners' experiences struggling to build a work at home internet business and failing for the same reasons many others fail, plus the knowledge and understanding they have gained from the Internet Gurus and Super Affiliates they have met along the way.

It is structured to progressively guide visitors through the logical steps needed to be successful at internet marketing or in a home based internet business.

Beginning with a basic explanation of what the internet is; looking at the various options and types of internet business; how to design, set up and optimise a website; use it to generate an opt-in list; promote it to generate traffic; manage and nurture the customer list generated and build lucrative joint venture partnerships.

Everything any one could need is here in this accurately name One Stop Shop with over 100 links to products, e-books, multi-media training materials, affiliate opportunities and internet marketing software.

Best of all, subscription to the site is free and also brings a selection of excellent free downloads.

It really is worth browsing through this unique website. Mike & Linda Johnson are surely on their way to becoming Super Gurus in their own right!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


New One Stop Shop website goes live

Mike & Linda Johnson announce the publication of their new One Stop Shop website at

This unique site is designed to provide a single source of information, help and resources for anyone wishing to start or enhance the work at home internet business or internet marketing activity.

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