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Top Tips for Writing an E-book

op Tips for Writing an E-book
By: Shakil Zaman
You've probably heard about e-books-they're everywhere on the Internet, and it seems like everyone is writing them. You've probably even thought about writing one yourself. But, what to write about? You need some e-book ideas.
First, e-books are electronic books that are downloaded and saved onto your computer. Some e-books must be purchased, and some are even free. You can read them directly from your computer, or print them out to read at any time.
The intriguing thing about e-books is that you can cut out most all of the middle men (agents, publishers, wholesalers) and take care of all the work yourself (writing, editing, formatting, copywriting, and selling). E-books are a great idea for those of you who want to be more independent in your success. Plus, by using e-books, your success can come much quicker than with a traditional print book.
Now that that's cleared up, let's start thinking about some e-book ideas. You may already know what you want to write about-great! But make sure it's a topic that people are going to be interested in reading. Otherwise, don't expect big sales. Whether you know what you want to write about or you simply know you want to write, when thinking about good, profitable e-book ideas, check to see if your topic is one that is in demand.
One of the great benefits of writing an e-book is that you can use it to market several of your affiliate products, by simply placing your affiliate URLs in the book itself as recommended links to visit to get more resources. Also, if you are planning on writing an e-book as a bonus giveaway then you can allow your affiliates to brand your e-book, that is your affiliates can also place their affiliate URLs in the e-book and benefit by promoting the giveaway e-book.
When thinking about e-book ideas, remember to also consider your knowledge of the topics. The phrase "write what you know" applies to e-book ideas just as it applies to all writing. Write about something you know a good deal about and about something that people want to know a good deal about. See the connection?
Your primary focus for writing the e-book must be to add value to the people that will eventually read it. It is a way to develop trust with your customers and if you provide quality information, you are more than likely to get repeat sales for further e-books that you write or even products that you endorse simply because you have broken the trust barrier.
Also, do a little research as to how much information already exists on your topic. If you know a good deal about both the circus and underwater basket weaving, and find that there is a demand for information on both topics, look around to see which topic already has the most information out there. If there are 100 e-books already in circulation about the circus, but only 8 about underwater basket weaving, consider underwater basket weaving as one of your e-book ideas. There is both an interest and a demand.
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Copyright Shakil Zaman, 2006

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